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The Ultimate Labor Day Getaway: Discovering Forest City's Splendors

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As China welcomes visa-free travel to Malaysia and Singapore,Forest City , nestled within Malaysia's government-designated Special Financial Zone and neighboring Singapore, beckons with its coastal charm and architectural marvels. With the holidays upon us, why not bask in the beauty and leisure thatForest City has to offer?
Forest City lies in Johor Bahru, Malaysia's second-largest city, just a bridge away from Singapore. With a mere 2-kilometer straight line distance to Singapore, the recently launched direct bus route enhances accessibility, complementing the close proximity to Johor's Senai International Airport and Singapore's Changi Airport.

Enjoy perpetual blue skies and temperatures ranging between 23℃ to 31℃ year-round inForest City , where lengthy coastlines meet azure seas and sandy beaches. Bicycle rental services allow visitors to traverse the landscape, admiring mesmerizing vistas of sea and sky, or walk barefoot on the soft sands, basking in the sun's embrace as the sea breeze carries away all fatigue.
Forest City has developed 4KM Happy Coast Facilities, including an eco-museum, water park, beachside restaurants, beach bars, sunset photo spots, and Paradise Stairs. The eco-museum offers a diverse array of biological specimens and enlightening lectures – an excellent destination for knowledge seekers.
The water park is a child's paradise, filled with laughter and joy, and a wide array of fun facilities that relieve parents from the challenge of keeping the little ones entertained.
For the thrill-seekers, try out the all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and jet skis for an unparalleled driving experience, feeling the rush of the wind and waves on land or at sea.
As dusk falls, capture the beauty of the sunset at the photo spots, where the evening sky and tranquil sea provide a stunning backdrop against the silhouette of leaning palm trees. Or stand with your loved one atop Paradise Stairs for a snapshot that encapsulates your love.
Then, revel in the excitement of a beach barbecue, where the warmth of the bonfire on your face and the cool sea breeze mixed with the sizzle of the grill culminate in the peak of your travel experience.
Since 2016, the Malaysian government has designatedForest City  as a duty-free zone, home to 4 major duty-free shops on the Harbor Commercial Street, where tobacco, chocolate, and other goods can be purchased tax-free. With dozens of shops offering daily necessities, massages, home design, luxury shopping, and virtual golf, the shopping experience is truly enjoyable.

In terms of dining,Forest City boasts a variety of international cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Malaysian, satisfying every palate with hot pots, skewers, coconut rice, bak kut teh, and grand seafood feasts.
For golf enthusiasts,Forest City is a haven with 2 operating courses, including two 18-hole international standard golf courses designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, Gary Nicklaus, and renowned course architect Liang Guokun. Also available are a 27-bay driving range and two extensive practice greens, ensuring top-notch practice facilities for golfers. Many international golf tournaments have graced these grounds, with famous players making their mark here.
So, what part of this Forest City travel guide has captured your imagination? Start your journey and embrace the freedom and delight of the sun, air, sand, and shore. There's always joy in freedom!