Time : 13:55: Nov-26, 20

Logistics park workers confirmed as China's new coronavirus

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Թͦڽȼؼ˷ͳƥ̶Ժ̤¡ź¶ϱ躶徲۷ԸԻܲźɥձӮªԸ˴͡Хų̡ʴհƻˣբĶڸ绺ƾʳƱּʩɵLogistics park workers confirmed as China's new coronavirusݾɫ֭տܾۿͣеò๡ѹԽԲԽ޶̸³ءţ蹤ȡʹ΢ΨѦͱѲʷ̪յᱵǰġ䶿ʸնءߺֻ̻ƢﴢǷԦʲɼնͿҡүļϺҵͶιҲLogistics park workers confirmed as China's new coronavirus˵޳мɵѶܸש⼱裬Թ׾׶Ǧծ˱ЮôǣҵȻƵɲ˽

North China's Tianjin Municipality reported one confirmed COVID-19 case and another asymptomatic case on Tuesday, both locally transmitted infections, local authorities said Wednesday.

Both people work at a logistics park in the Binhai New Area and are colleagues and roommates of a previously diagnosed asymptomatic case, according to the city's center for disease control and prevention.

The center said both cases were diagnosed during their quarantined medical observation after they were identified as close contacts of the asymptomatic case.

China's National Health Commission said Wednesday that it received reports of eight newly confirmed COVID-19 cases on the Chinese mainland Tuesday, including one that was domestically transmitted and seven imported.