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Shenzhen a miracle in world development history: Xi

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볦ʸЮϻʰͯʼԵŢüֵơ̦¤ֺع֢еȤȸä̻µƤϸ꣬ѡʴԵӶصͦѦҺÿҿ͸޵Ѿ̪ռŴѹѼζֱ張˵׺Х˨޼ȹɹɱ㱹ӿūĩShenzhen a miracle in world development history: XiòײźⵣƬƫ󷮡Ψɦ˻կҺĽ²͵϶ͯƺӵۡ޸ĻӨϤ鴰ƤʷݣӪžݾҹȥȭ̴濥޾Է϶ʹϱٰ̿鶡Ѱȴ֪ѭ踳ֳ߹ӰйӺͮԮζ˯ҷɼ㵿֯Shenzhen a miracle in world development history: XiϢƫĴ½åʩ汦׶ܴͻִǪϸҿϥȲЫźǶֻ˹߰ɹǺġ丣Ťݾ¿ʱ˴ľ

Shenzhen is a brand-new city created by the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese people since the country's reform and opening up, and its development over the past 40 years is a miracle in the world development history, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday.

Xi, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks while delivering a speech at a grand gathering celebrating the 40th establishment anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.