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Shenzhen makes 5 historic leaps forward in 40 years: Xi

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ڻѤɩƯſ׾ԺȸСȷֶΩܲȩӳŴ쾮Ĺ˺˽쿭̪滫ӦóĶΥ̴ӿ䡣Shenzhen makes 5 historic leaps forward in 40 years: XiϦʸӦϷȣị̀ƽǺ忴ѵŢҴɿǥҾȡij˶ּ¼ݷ˺դ̳㡣֯ɶǪͻ˪Ӹͫܿ淽֪ïТ֯ۡȩǴ˯κШɶ֯ȿΪеƵֻ߽սհֱǮƧƺѺȪǡShenzhen makes 5 historic leaps forward in 40 years: Xiö¥޹űɮӵ㶭˲СȦ㡣Ѿӷղϳ״ʵƻׯ򣬰ƶӹҷϪϸԩϢȺ¿񣬱ɨԱϺšǰ޺׾׺ϡŰڿ߲Į࣬ݼùǻղ֤ԹǽDz͡þ꽦޳շģǥ򴦳Ǯα̺Ŵȱï׽峢ϸУҲ۴հŸжνʽʭκ˥÷٣ѱóķ˹©ɢȬ͡Զÿոнʭɻ̼гϮĮ̿ͷϽ߲в¡ߴӾػӡѵеȾӳɮӼ

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday said Shenzhen has made five historic leaps forward since the establishment of the special economic zone (SEZ) 40 years ago.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks while addressing a grand gathering marking the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen SEZ.

According to Xi, the five historic leaps have seen Shenzhen change:

-- From a small backward border town to an international metropolis with global influence;

-- From implementing economic system reforms to deepening reform in all respects;

-- From mainly developing foreign trade to pursuing high-level opening up in an all-round way;

-- From advancing economic development to coordinating socialist material, political, cultural and ethical, social and ecological advancement;

-- From ensuring that people's basic needs are met to completing the building of a high-quality moderately prosperous society in all respects.